Building Management Systems (BMS)


Now-a-days it is important to be equipped with Building Management System (BMS) to monitor and control the conditions of all areas of the facility. Particularly commercial buildings, pharmaceuticals factory need BMS. Radix as manufacturers of sensors and as providers of SCADA solutions understood this need of our client and provided a turnkey solution.

The BMS monitored and controlled the Relative Humidity, Temperature and the Differential Pressure of all the major rooms of the plant. We provided Radix-make sensors and Hawkeyes, to monitor and display Relative Humidity, Temperature and Differential Pressure across all these units. The BMS also integrated utility equipment like Air Handling Units (AHUs).

Radix provided a user friendly interface for a large and complex system. Operators had status screens, mimic screens, AHU summary screen, Fire Alarm screen, trend and historical data, audit trails, alarm logs and more at their disposal


• Comprehensive Integration of Radix sensors, Valve and Damper Actuators, Hawkeyes, DDCs, VFDs and SCADA.
• Real time clock based ON-OFF scheduler for 10 air-handling units (AHUs).
• Individual and group data and trends for all instruments.
• Provision to set real time clock in room display units (Hawkeye).
• Mimic for users to identify instruments and respond quickly.
• AHU Speed Control based on Air Velocity in Supply Air Duct.
• Relative Humidity and Temperature control by controlling opening and closing of Chilled and Hot Water Valves.
• DP Control in rooms by opening or closing of Dampers.
• VFD Communication on Modbus.
• On / Off sequence of AHUs for maintaining DPs of critical areas.
• An AHU summary screen for quick overview of all the AHUs data

Radix also provides validation documents for Design Qualification, Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification for the BMS projects

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